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EVA Equipment Board (EEB) Minutes of Meeting November 7, 2001

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November 7, 2001
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The EEB met at JSC on November 7, 2001, in Building 1, Room 360, at 1:00 p.m. Representatives from the following organizations participated:

EVA Project Office

Hardware Development

Integration and Operations

Astronaut Office

Engineering Directorate

Crew & Thermal Systems Division

EVA and Spacesuit Systems



Hamilton Sundstrand Windsor Locks (via telecon)

Hamilton Sundstrand Management Services



EEB Board members from the following organizations participated:

XA/Chairman, XA/Secretary, XA/Tools and Crew Aids, XA/EVA Flight Management, XA/EVA Increment Management, XA/Business Team, XA/SR&QA, CB/Astronaut Office, DX32/EVA Systems Group, EC5/EVA Equipment Group, EC5/EVA and Spacesuit Systems Group, and MV5/FCE.

The following items were presented:

  1. Hardware Integration Schedule XA/Barbara Counts

Changes to the schedule include STS-108/UF1 V1103 move to 11/20/01, STS-110/8A payload bay on-dock 1/17/02 and CEIT 2/2/02, STS-111/UF2 payload bay ship 1/29/02 and CEIT 3/2/02.

Proposed new launch dates for STS-112 through STS-117 were reported at the November SSP Schedules Telecon. These will be presented to the 11/16/01 JPRCB.

  1. PRACA Status NS43/Terry Miller

Twelve A total of 12 FIAR’s are open for EVA hardware and are shown by flight as follows:

STS-100 (6A) 0

STS-108/UF1 0

STS-109/HST 7

STS-110/8A 12

STS-111/UF2 12

No FIAR’s were reported as past due.

No new FIAR’s were reported.

Seven FIAR’s are open STS-109/HST-03B. The following were statused:

BFCE026A025 — Checklist Assy, EVA Cuff. Cuff checklist screw cannot be removed from several assemblies.

A CR will be presented at today’s EEB.

JSCDO0001F — Checklist Assy, EVA Cuff. EMU/EVA cuff checklist separated during EVA on STS-104.

A CR will be presented at today’s EEB.

There are six EVA hardware and four EMU CAIP FIAR’s. The following was statused:

JEMU106-020 — Phase VI Glove Assembly. Heater elements bonded to restraint fingernail reinforcements as well as bladder damage identified subsequent to de-integration.

Root cause is showing this to be a design process flaw. Corrective action is being implemented via ILCVR CCBD H7145. Methods of providing fingertip protection are currently being developed.

No FIAR’s are open for STS-100.

STS-104 (7A) FIAR’s were statused as follows:

JSCEC0839 — REBA Charger. REBA failed to show green LED during acceptance testing.

EC5/ Hiep Nguyen will be going to the contractor (Summit) 5/4/01.

JSCEC0863F — Modular Gimbal Assy. End effector is sticking/not closing (STS-98 anomaly).

EC5/Roger Schwarz reported that he is getting more information from Oceaneering. There may be a "broke" in configuration control. Getting story.

BFCE026A024 — High Strength Bridge Clamp. Unlock push button will not extend.

EC5/Roger Schwarz reported the hardware is going through vibe testing this week.

STS-105 (7A.1) FIAR’s were statused as follows:

BFCE029F105 — Pistol Grip Tool (PGT). PGT Chatter.

EC5/Roger Schwarz reported this FIAR is still unexplained. The PGT will be shipped for MPLM Bench Review the end of the month. Interims will be written within the next 2 weeks. Hardware is to be left on-orbit.

The Chairman requested a note be added to the status to show dates interims are needed, shipping on open DR, etc.

The EVA hardware oldest FIAR, against the USA SAFER battery erratic current readings, is 418 days old.

  1. Certification Status NS22/Greg Wright
  2. All certification for STS-108/UF1 is closed.

    There are three open certification items for STS-109/HST-03B. Closure paperwork is in the signature cycle for the 1/8" Hex Allen wrench and L-shaped Hex wrench.

    There are four open certification items for STS-110/8A. These include the propellant cartridge, connector cleaner tool, EVA cuff checklist, right angle drive with 7/16" socket, and MT energy absorber.

  3. EMU RDR and Certification Status NS22/Charles Sager

  4. RDR’s:

    STS-108/UF1 - 0

    STS-109/HST-03B - 4

    STS-110/8A - 5

    STS-111/UF2 - 2

    STS-110/8A RDR’s B-EMU-300-A026, SCU hard to lock-on (DCM TMG interference) and B-EMU-300-A027, temperature cooling valve opening off center, require yellow tag notices for procedures changes.

    All STS-109/HST-03B, STS-110/8A, and STS-111/UF2 RDR’s will be submitted as final closures.


    There is one open certification item for STS-108/UF1. Certification for the small EMU is expected to be approved 11/14/01.

    There are 11 open certification items for STS-109/HST-03B. Certification is due to S&MA on 11/14/01.

    There are three open certification items for STS-110/8A, with due dates mid to late December.

  5. On-Orbit Limited Life Status — NT/R. Toler

  6. The On-Orbit Limited Life Status is scheduled for presentation to the EEB on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

  7. USA Limited Life Status — USA/Nancy Jeanne Neason

The USA Limited Life Status is scheduled for presentation to the EEB on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

7. On-Orbit FIAR’s/DR’s — XA/Kristin O’Brien

No new on-orbit FIAR’s were reported.

  1. Funds Transfer Status XA/Janice Hall

The Agency is still under a continuing resolution; therefore, funds are being transferred for on-going work only.

9. EMU Rotation Plan (H7130) — HSWL/Donna Ray

Updates to the EMU Rotation Plan are scheduled for presentation to the EEB on the last Wednesday of the month.

  1. USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan (H-0933) — XA/Anh Huynh

Updates to the USA SAFER Flight Logistics Plan are scheduled for presentation to the EEB on the last Wednesday of the month.

11. IFA Status — XA/Glenn Lutz

All IFA actions are closed.

12. EEB Actions Status — XA/Glenn Lutz

The following EEB actions were statused:

Action 9/19/01-1: Incorporate into V1103 procedures the ability to verify C/W tones.

The actionee will be contacted for a status.

Action 12/5/00-2: Assess all tools used in SSA processing for possible inclusion in SSA Maintenance Manual.

This action is pending CR submittal, which has been drafted.

Action 9/26/01-1: Document best practices on maintaining life of batteries.

The actionee will be contacted for a status.

Action 4/30/01-1: Track and report completion of validation testing of the EMU and PWR water storage capability to the 25 EVA levels.

Testing has either started or is imminent. Per actionee, this testing will show capability to the 25 EVA levels.

Action 9/26/01-1: Document how boots Hamilton Sundstrand sends to the field are in compliance with the ICD requirement.

The boot fitcheck will be deleted from the FEMU-R, but compliance with the ICD still needs to be verified.

Action 6/27/01-1: Act on TSA processing recommendations within 1 month and report findings to EHB.

A letter on recommendations is in work.

Action 8/27/01-1: Verify that ISS airlock can be equipment pass through for PGT’s and BRT’s (if required) to perform 96 bolt contingency task.

CLOSED. Pass through has been verified.

Action 8/8/01-1: Update ICD to existing capabilities of tool.

The actionee will be contacted for a status.

13. H7190 — Remove EMU Softgoods Barcodes from FEMU-R-001 — ILC/Dave Cox

Due to the inadequacy of the current softgoods barcode design (Mylar film tearing during installation, barcode labels not adhering to Mylar film), an ISS IMS Barcode Label Request for Waiver was submitted and approved. The waiver was originally approved to be applicable through STS-108/UF1. Another request for waiver to extend the current waiver for approximately 1 year was approved. The following hardware is covered:

Part Name

Part Number

DIDB Restraint Bag


Phase VI Glove TMG








ATMA (Thermal Mittens)




MMW Fight Cover (Sock)


IEU Pouch Cover


Pouch Protective Sizing Ring


Protective Cover


Durrett Helmet Covers


EMU Equipment/Airlock Stowage Bag


LTA Restraint Bag


LTA Restraint Strap


EMU Servicing Kit


USA FCE/EVA has been writing DR’s on EMU softgoods scheduled to fly on Station. These DR’s were dispositioned "no constraint to flight" and the discrepant equipment flown with open DR’s. To alleviate the need for USA FCE/EVA to continually write DR’s against ISS EMU softgoods because they cannot be barcoded, this CCBD requests that the softgoods barcode requirement be removed from the FEMU-R.

A future CCBD will be submitted for the following:

  • Incorporate the Teflon coated fiberglass (TCF)/Urethane style barcode assembly from the existing unapproved CCBD H7174, tentatively titled "EMU Softgoods Barcodes Fix".

  • Generate an SED drawing and GCAR for the TCF/Urethane barcode.

  • Remove the detailed procedures for both the hardgoods and softgoods barcodes from the FEMU-R.

  • Create JSC controlled procedures to replace the procedures removed from the FEMU-R.

The absence of IMS barcodes on ISS EMU softgoods will not effect fit, form, or function of this equipment. This approach will cause an on-orbit tracking issue for ISS EMU softgoods.

The following action was assigned:

Action 11/7/01-1: Report to XA/Glenn Lutz within 3 weeks with a better story on the barcodes implementation.

Actionee: XA/Lara Kearney

Due Date: 11/28/01

Decision: Approve.

  1. H-0696R2 — Reconfiguration of Bilateral Retractable Equipment Tethers — XA/Barbara Counts

This CCBD requests the reconfiguration of 4 flight retractable equipment tethers, P/N SEG33106164-381/-383/-385 to the small/large crew hook configuration P/N SEG33106164-361. The HST crew has requested a total of 6 and only 2 exist in inventory, which are already allocated to HST.

Decision: Approve.

15. H-1086 — Develop a New Configuration of Bilateral Retractable Equipment Tether — DX32/Christy Hansen

This CCBD requests development of a new configuration of retractable equipment tether (RET), SEG33106164-TBD, a small/small crew hook with an added pip pin. The STS-109 wants to have a pip pin available for socket change outs and the most feasible configuration is a small/small crew hook RET with a pip, which does not exist. Equipment hook RET’s are the only configuration for the pip pin option. These hooks will not fit around flight-specific pieces of hardware that the crew must tether, i.e., MFR handle, old diode box, etc.). The crew’s mini-workstations are full with several tethers and cannot carry an unusable tether just to hold a pip pin.

The Board agreed on the following:

  • There are enough drop proof tethers and extensions to accomplish the HST goals.

  • The cost of full cert on a new tool is prohibitive at this time due to shortage of APA money.

  • If redirected at a later date, the new hardware will be a certified configuration with both training and flight hardware.

Decision: Disapprove. This new configuration is only required to cover for a contingency case (failure of drop proof tether). Not needed.

16. H-1074R1 — EVA Cuff Checklist — EC5/Chris Tracy

This CCBD requests changes to the EVA cuff checklist as follows:

  • Create new configuration with Nomex webbing in place of pile Velcro and with larger socket head cap screw in place of existing machine screw.

  • Build 10 new cuff checklists less pages and 18 new units utilizing existing band covers.

EC5 will be the SSM to the hardware and will generate a CARD. MOD will maintain responsibility for the pages and spring that holds the band together.

The following actions were assigned:

Action 11/7/01-2: Generate an agreement with MOD on EMU cuff checklist responsibilities and report recommendations to the EEB.

Actionee: EC5/Craig Dinsmore

Due Date: 11/28/01

Action 11/7/01-3: Generate an ICD between the band and pages for the EMU cuff checklist.

Actionee: EC5.Chris Tracy

Due Date: 11/28/01

Action 11/7/01-4: Generate an ICD between the suit and the band for the EMU cuff checklist.

Actionee: EC5/Bill Spenny

Due Date: 11/28/01

Action 11/7/01-5: Work EVA cuff checklist quantities based on flight need, training need and Station need.

Actionee: XA/Margaret McPhail

Due Date: 11/28/01

Decision: Hold pending USA FCE/EVA cost impact.

17. H-1087 — Node 2 Custom Length On-Orbit Installed Handrail Definition and Certification — LMSO/John Donnellan

This CCBD requests certification of 2 new on-orbit installed handrail (OIH) configurations for Node 2 on ISS 10A. It also requests a tolerance study to define the required seat track placement on Node 2, and definition (ICD) of the seat track installation requirements. The handrails must be OIH’s, as opposed to ground installed handrails, to allow for on-orbit removal during heat exchanger maintenance. The handrails obstruct the work volume and prevent necessary crew positioning. The custom lengths are required in order to preserve the existing load path through Alenia’s Node 2 secondary structure, which was originally designed for ground installed handrails.

Decision: Approve, pending receipt of exact dimensions from Alenia.

No further items were brought forward, and the EEB adjourned.

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