Status Report

Eurorocket MOM Daily No. 7

By SpaceRef Editor
June 14, 2003
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Cosmodrome Plesetsk, June 13 (L-17):

One more successful step towards the launch: As the first one, the MIMOSA
spacecraft has been attached to the separation system and subsequently to
the Multi Satellite Dispenser as planned today. All electrical checks after
mating were successful, too.

The other spacecraft (MOST, NLS-1 and NLS-2 as well as CubeSat UT and
Cubesat TITECH) continued their autonomous operations as planned, too.
Tomorrow the MOST spacecraft will be integrated with its separation system
and the dispenser.

The BREEZE KM upper stage was filled with fuel today, tomorrow filling with
oxidizer is foreseen. Last operations on the fairing half shells were
performed in the encapsulation area of the cleanroom, today.

SpaceRef staff editor.