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EUROCKOT’s MOM Daily No. 21

By SpaceRef Editor
June 28, 2003
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Cosmodrome Plesetsk, June 28 (L-2):

After all remaining Mission Control Center representatives from Japan
(University of Tokyo and Tokyo Technical Institute) and Czech Republic
(Astronomical Institute, Academy of Science) have arrived, we performed the
final communication check and launch rehearsal in the MCC. All internet, fax
and phone connections could be verified.

The launch vehicle was successfully filled with fuel and oxidizer, today. So
tomorrow will be our margin day. On Monday we will first have a last State
Commission meeting to confirm the GO status and than wait for the liftoff,
planned for 14h15min12s UTC which relates to 18.15.12 local time.

Everything is still on GO for June 30.

As tomorrow is our margin day and nothing will change, this is our last
daily report, please visit the home page for updates
on the launch day. Thanks for your interest in following our daily report
during the last month.

SpaceRef staff editor.