Status Report

EUROCKOT’s MOM Daily No. 20

By SpaceRef Editor
June 27, 2003
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Cosmodrome Plesetsk, June 27 (L-3):

The State Commission, consisting in representatives from Eurockot,
Khrunichev and the Space Forces met in the afternoon for the Launch
Readiness Review. The review validated, that all systems (SC, LV, Launch
Site, Ground Stations etc. .) are ready for the ROCKOT MOM launch on June
30th. Based on that finding, the command for fuelling of the launch vehicle
was issued.

Additionally, a small internal launch rehearsal was performed within the
remote Mission Control Center MCC in Mirny. On Saturday afternoon, after the
rest of the customer representatives will have arrived, there will be a
another formal one. Everything is functional. The Eurockot MCC was built in
1999/2000 and provides high data rate connection to both the external world
as well as to the integration and the launch facilities. The customer is
provided with life video feed from the launch site as well as animated
telemetry data on ascent parameter, event confirmation, ground track, orbit
display and a full mission animation.

Everything is still on GO for June 30.

SpaceRef staff editor.