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ESMOS Status Meeting Minutes 12 Mar 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
March 12, 2002
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The ESMOS Status Meeting was conducted by P. Ondrus at 1:00 PM March 12, 2002. The meeting was held in Room N202 in Building 32.

General Comments and Related Discussion:

The Aqua MRR will be followed by a Delta-MRR toward the end of next week. Several problems were reported at the MRR including: star tracker, battery cell, and Kavler cable tension.

There is a star tracker review at Ball today.

SCIF 5 is scheduled for March 16th starting at noon.

CPT is still ongoing.

Discussion of ESMOS Top Ten Issues

The Mission System top ten issues were discussed by K. Dolan.

#1 — FY02 budget — We a still closely monitoring costs; the situation is looking better.

#2 — System vulnerabilities: Meeting was canceled and then rescheduled. No current status updates.

#3 — Readiness of Ground Network to support Aqua: One more test is scheduled for early April. There was approximately 95% data collection during the last GN test.

#4 — NACs: Interim NACs are approximately 99% completed. This item will be lowered in the top ten list.

#5 — Getting a contract in place to provide anomaly support from LMMS, SBRS, and L3COM: An update is due.

#6 — End of Mission planning for ERBS and UARS: Meetings have been scheduled with Phil Sabelhaus, Bill Townsend, and Code Y for both ERBS and UARS. There is a lot of activity by the science community to get additional funds for both ERBS and UARS.

#7 — NCR: Three documents were approved including updated ESMO anomaly procedures. Also changes to the CM procedure have been approved.

#8 — USGS has not provided money to cover FY02 Landsat-7 network costs. NASA has not budgeted for this cost: We should be able to start funding paperwork through the system in one week.

#9 — DSMC transition NCC and WOTIS operations are moving to WSC during 2002: WOTIS testing is all that remains.

#10 — Aqua Transition: No updates; final transition plans is not due yet.

Comments by K. Dolan and Related Discussion:

There is a MSR this afternoon.

There is an anomaly meeting this afternoon; a new Terra anomaly will be discussed.

There is an Aqua stand-up meeting on March 14th.

There is a risk management meeting at 1:00 PM on March 18th.

Comments by B. Guit and Related Discussion:

The UARS re-engineering ORR is scheduled for March 21st at 2:00 PM. The EMOC equipment has been shipped.

Comments by C. Adams and Related Discussion:

The Aqua Appendix Z CCR was approved.

The Aqua GSRD was approved.

Signed off for Alan Johns on the Aqua backup control center document.

Comments by A. Jansen and Related Discussion:

SCIF 5 is scheduled for 14 hours on Saturday. Starts at noon EST.

The GN test conducted over last weekend resulted in 96% data capture.

There is a Terra drag makeup maneuver tomorrow and an inclination maneuver next week.

Comments by P. Johnson and Related Discussion:

Day-in-the-life testing is planned with WOTIS.

Comments by L. Kurzmiller and Related Discussion:

Continuing to assess the data from the TRMM Delta-V maneuvers with regard to the pressurant levels related to reaching the blow down mode.

Comments by C. Gomez and Related Discussion:

EDOS operations are normal.

Comments by E. Corderman and Related Discussion:

We are in the middle of an RPG software patch.

Comments by K. Lehtonen and Related Discussion:

At SKS, the MRTT has not been able to exercise the operational configuration in a test environment.

Another test is planned with SKS and a separate test is planned with Wallops on March 13th.

Comments by G. Cordier and Related Discussion:

The "anomaly" MPS has been installed in the ETSS and it is working correctly.

Comments by B. Seaton and Related Discussion:

Working on the Sony tape drive installation for producing ASTER data tapes.

CODA problems were corrected.



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