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ESA TV transmissions week 10 November

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November 10, 2003
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The ESA TV Service transmissions in week 10 November focus on Mars Express and the recently completed Cervantes mission.

11 November 2003 – Mars Express and Beagle 2: the Final Burst

At a media event on 11 November in London, PPARC and ESA will provide a mission status report, including the Beagle 2 separation from Mars Express scheduled for 19 December 2003. Details on this event and on the arrival of Mars Express and Beagle 2 at Mars on 25 December will be given. Today’s transmission provides background footage for this story, including recordings from 6 November at the Mars Express mission control, of a full-scale simulation of the Beagle-2/Mars Express separation. Replays on the day and on 15 November.

14 November – Cervantes Mission Highlights

On 28 October, ESA astronaut Pedro Duque returned from his eight day mission to the ISS. Today’s transmission is a mission highlight edit including images shot by Pedro Duque whilst onboard the Space Station, and returned to earth on video tape. Replays on the day and on 15 November.

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