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ESA TV Service — opportunity for Envisat interviews

By SpaceRef Editor
January 23, 2001
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On Thursday 1 February, the Envisat satellite will be rolled out for Europe’s media, from ESA’s cleanroom facilities at ESTEC in the Netherlands. Several dozen journalists have already registered to attend this event (for more info, see

Next week, the ESA TV Service will provide large coverage of Envisat, with pre-event footage transmitted on 30 and 31 January.

To broadcasters who cannot come to Noordwijk on 1 February, the ESA TV Service offers to record remote interviews in the ESA TV studio, on 30 and 31 January, with the following ESA experts/scientists:

Jacques Louet (French)

Peter Dubock (English)

Guido Levrini (Italian)

Michael Rast (German)

Evert Attema (Dutch)

Broadcasters can ask their questions via phone insert into an earpiece. The answers by the expert are either recorded on video tape and couriered for next-day delivery, or the images/audio are uplinked to a satellite. The backdrop for the interviews (chroma key or poster) can be agreed upon. It will be without any logo.

Broadcasters interested in these interviews are requested to contact Zoe Williamson, ESA TV Service (Tel +31 71 565 4397, Fax +31 71 565 6843, e-mail [email protected])

For further information and a daily update of the transmission schedule, visit our website at For all enquires, contact Claus Habfast, Tel +31 71 565 3838, Fax +31 71 565 6340, e-mail [email protected]

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