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ESA TV Service — Mir de-orbiting

By SpaceRef Editor
March 5, 2001
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Today, the ESA TV Service provides update information of its offers to broadcasters.

The Mir de-orbit Video File will be replayed with a shortened B-roll on 7 March 2001, 11:00-11:30 GMT, on the ESA TV Footage feed. Please note the new satellite transmission parameters:

Eutelsat W1, 10 degrees east, transponder B5, horizontal, digital channel 2, F=11.14375 MHz, SR=5.632 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

All broadcasters are encouraged to cover the final phase of the de-orbiting directly from the Mir mission control in TsUP, Star City, near Moscow. It is here that all Mir status information will become available first.

As of one day before expected re-entry, no live interviews with ESA experts will be possible any more. As from then, ESA experts must be interviewed on ESA premises and they will not accept studio interviews. The reason for this restriction is the time and the communications links needed in case of unforeseen events to obtain validated information.

For interviews by ENG crews, ESA experts will be available at ESA HQ (French), ESOC (German), ESTEC (Dutch), and ESRIN (Italian). For non-live satellite and remote interviews, ESA experts will be available in the ESA TV Studio at ESTEC (English, Spanish, German, Dutch). For any ENG interview, please contact:

ESA HQ: Franco Bonacina, +33 1 5369 7155

ESOC: Jocelyne Landeau, +49 6151 90 2696

ESTEC: Heidi Graf, +31 71 565 3006

ESRIN: Franca Morgia, +39 06 94180 951

For satellite and remote interviews, please contact the ESA TV Service (see below).

For further information and a daily update of the transmission schedule, visit our website at For all enquires, contact Claus Habfast, Tel +31 71 565 3838, Fax +31 71 565 6340, e-mail

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