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ESA TV Footage — info on feed of 14 March

By SpaceRef Editor
March 14, 2001
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The next ESA TV Footage feed will be transmitted on

Wednesady 14 March 2001

11:00-12:00 GMT

Please note the transmission parameters below.

The ESA TV footage feed includes the following five items:

Hubble Space Telescope sheds light on star birth (3 minutes, 11:-11:05 GMT): Astronomers have long suspected that the bar systems that dominate some spiral galaxies provide an efficient mechanism for fuelling star births at their centres. New results from the ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope provide evidence that this is indeed the case. More info under

Leonardo module B-roll (4 minutes, 11:05-11:10 GMT): Background footage on Leonardo, the European-built logistics module for the International Space Station launched on 8 March 2001, 11:42 GMT, and installed on the Station on 10 March.

STS-102 launch (18 minutes, 11:10-11:30 GMT): A 15-minute compilation of the best images of crew launch preparations (suit-up, walk-out), final countdown and lift-off/flight of Shuttle Discovery.

STS-102 docking and crew exchange (18 minutes, 11:30-11:50 GMT): Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station on Saturday 10 March. The hatch was opened and the ISS crew welcomed the Shuttle crew, followed shortly later by the official exchange of the Expedition One and Expedition Two Crews. The NASA-TV Flight Day Highlights of these events include about 10 minutes of highlight images with clean international sound.

Ariane V140 launch (5 minutes, 11:50-11:55 GMT): Arianespace launched Flight 140 in the night of 8 to 9 March 2001, at 22:51 GMT. An Ariane 5 launcher carried a dual satellite payload: BSAT-2a for Japan’s Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT), and EUROBIRD for Europe’s Eutelsat telecommunications organization. It was built by an international consortium led by Alcatel Space Industries of France as the prime contractor, and will provide continuity for telecommunications services currently supplied by the EUTELSAT II-F4 satellite. Its in-orbit uses will include business services, satellite news gathering and television/radio programme distribution. The 4-minute highlights package includes images from the Arianespace live launch transmission.

The transmission parameters are:

Eutelsat W1, 10 degrees East

Transponder B5, channel 2 (digital, horizontal),

F=11.14375 MHz, SR=5.632 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

For further information and a daily update of the transmission schedule, visit our website at For all enquires, contact Claus Habfast, Tel +31 71 565 3838, Fax +31 71 565 6340, e-mail

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