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ESA TV Coverage of Rosetta Launch

By SpaceRef Editor
February 19, 2004
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The ESA TV Service will provide extensive coverage of the forthcoming launch of the Rosetta probe to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, on Ariane-5. The launch is planned for Thursday 26 April 2004 at 04:36 GMT, and the schedule of transmissions is as follows:

Tue, 17 Feb: The Rosetta Lander (replay on 21 Feb)

ESA TV Exchange

Fri, 20 Feb: How to Investigate a Comet (replay on 21 Feb)

ESA TV Exchange

Tue, 24 Feb: Rosetta Ready for Launch

Latest 3-D graphics and images from French Guaiana

Thu, 26 Feb: Rosetta Launch Live Coverage – Parts 1 to 7

05:30 – 10:30 GMT: Live images from Kourou and ESOC

Thu, 26 Feb: Rosetta Launch Summary

10:45 GMT: 15 minutes summary in B-roll format

Thu, 26 Feb: Rosetta Post-Launch Press Conference

11:00-12:00 GMT: Live from ESOC

Fri 5 March: Rosetta on the Way to Comet 67/P (replay on 6 March)

ESA TV Exchange

For further information and a daily update of the transmission schedule, visit our website at For all enquires, contact Claus Habfast, Tel +31 71 565 3838, Fax +31 71 565 6340, e-mail

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