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ESA TV coverage of Huygens mission on 14 January 2005

By SpaceRef Editor
January 11, 2005
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The ESA TV Service will provide extensive live coverage of the arrival of the Huygens probe at Titan, on 14 January 2005. The enclosed PDF file provides new information on the content and schedule of the six live events and the two media briefings on that day.

The Weblinks in the attached file provide online access to detailed running orders for all live events (one of six running order is not yet online, but will be online within twelve hours).

Please note that the schedule for the release of the first images has changed. Images from Titan are now planned to be available as of (“not earlier than”) 19:45 GMT, i.e. roughly two hours earlier than previously announced.

The transmission details are:

For broadcasters:

Eutelsat W1 at 10 degrees East

Transponder B4, vertical, middle channel 1 (SCPC)

F=11.0795 MHz, SR=5.632 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

For general public viewers:

ASTRA 1G at 19 degrees East,

Transponder 1.108 (DVB-MPEG-2, MCPC),vertical,

F=12551,5 MHz, SR=22000 MS/sec, FEC 5/6

Service Name ESA (Astravision)

For further information and a daily update of the transmission schedule, visit our website at For all enquires, contact Claus Habfast, Tel +31 71 565 3838, Fax +31 71 565 6340, e-mail

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