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ESA Broadcast Summary 30 August

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August 30, 2005
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The next transmission of the ESA TV Service will be:

30-Aug-05 13:45 – 14:00 GMT
South Polar ozone hole makes big come-back
ESA TV Exchanges

Background information on the transmission:

Replay I: 30 August 17:00-17:15 GMT

Today, ESA released the first 2005 ozone hole data indicating a stronger-than-normal depletion of stratospheric ozone in the Antarctic.

The URL link at the bottom provides the details and still images of this story.

Data from ESA’s Envisat satellite were processed at the Dutch Met Office (KNMI) which follows the evolution of ozone around the planet and also provides a ozone level forecasting service.

Ozone comes in two flavours. On the one hand, in the stratosphere, natural ozone provides a protective layer, absorbing harmful ultra-violet radiation. This “good” ozone protects us from sunburn, skin cancer and eye problems.

On the other hand, under the influence of sunlight, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons create toxic ozone on Earth’s surface. This “bad” ozone, part of air pollution or smog, poses a potential health threat.

Today’s programme is A REPLAY OF AN ESA TV EXCHANGE FROM 19 November 2004 shot at the Dutch met Office KNMI, looking at how Ozone is measured from space and on the ground.

The transmission is made of an A-roll of six minutes with split audio (English) and a B-roll of seven minites with clean international sound.

The script is on-line as a PDF document under

A Media Player preview clip is online under

This ESA TV Exchanges feed is transmitted by the European Commission’s “Europe by Satellite” (EbS) service. You can find the complete transmission schedule and download scripts and shot lists, also for ESA TV items, from the EbS Web site at

More background information can be found on

Transmission details:EUTELSAT HOT BIRD at 13° East (DVB/MPEG-2)
Horizontal, F=12,476 MHz (MCPC, Europe by Satellite)
SR=27,500 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

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