Status Report

End of EUVE Announcement

By SpaceRef Editor
October 31, 2000
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Dear EUVE Colleagues,

In spite of a number of efforts to reverse the NASA decision
to terminate EUVE operations, I regret to inform you that
we have been unable to find new funding.

As a result EUVE will shortly terminate operations. We
will be contacting EUVE GOs with scheduled observations to
inform them of the status of their programs.

We thank those of you who wrote letters of support
provided help in the past few weeks. Unfortunately
we were unable to mobilise sufficient support to
obtain Congressional help.

EUVE continues to operate flawlessly; EUVE detected
an enormous flare this week for GO Eric Gaidos. The
source was among the brightest EUVE has detected,
and lit up the long wavelength spectrometer. It
will be decades before astronomers have access to
the EUV band. The unobservable ultraviolet will soon
be unobservable again !!

We are seeking a venue for an end of EUVE conference
and celebration. If you have suggestions, please contact

Roger Malina

EUVE Director

SpaceRef staff editor.