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EMU PANEL MINUTES October 10, 2001

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October 10, 2001
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Building 1

Room 320

The EMU Panel convened at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 10, 2001. Topics of discussion are as follows:

  1. Flight Readiness Review

  1. STS-108/UF-1 (W. Frost 281-336-6303)
  2. 1. EMU ESEL R4 in work. Planned for concurrence on October 17, 20001 EMUP.

    2. The ORU tools that came down on 7A.1 needs to be returned on STS-108/UF-1 flight. Inspections and 1027s have to be performed on these tools.

    3. DIDB certification waiver is set to be at the SSRP on October 10, 2001.

    4. ILCVR CCBD has been approved and the waiver is in work for the HAZ/CIL pitch at the SSRP on November 14, 2001.

    5. A GCAR is needed for the EVARM dosimeter pockets.

  3. STS-109/HST3B (S. Anderson X 39311)

    1. The STS-109/HST3B flight has slipped a launch date to February 14, 2002.

    2. CM Newman’s LE and NM gloves are delayed due to the palm bar swap. The backup deliveries on December 7, 2001 will be the only ones that violate the L-90.

    3. The EMUM for the finger protection criteria is due on October 20, 2001.

    4. The Teflon pad CCBD is on the EMU Panel agenda today.

    5. There has been no change on a date for the modified croakies from USA. It is still TBD and a status will be given at the next STS-109/HST3B telecon on Tuesday, October 16, 2001.

  1. STS-110/8A (C. Donnellan X 35896)
  2. 1. The STS-110/8A flight has slipped a launch date to March 21, 2002.

    2. EMU ESEL is in the signature loop with the Launch Package Manager of this flight.

    3. The latest battery logistic status with this flight will reflect on the next EMU ESEL Rev. the following: 2 ICBs & 2 Yardneys up; 1 ICB (from ISS) & 2 Yardneys down.

    4. Also on the next EMU ESEL Rev. four UIA biocide filters will be added.

  3. STS-111/UF-2 (A. Veloso 281-336-6308)

    1. Possible launch slip to May 2, 2002.

    2. CM Parin still hasn’t accepted his gloves. Fitchecks are in work and the gloves have been narrowed down to two sizes that are acceptable for CM Parin.

  1. RDR/FIAR Status

  1. For STS-108/UF-1, there are fifteen (15) open RDRs.

  2. For STS-109/HST3B, there are no open RDR.

  3. For STS-110/8A, there is one (1) open RDR.

  1. Certification Status

  2. A. There are fourteen (14) open certification items for STS-108/UF-1.

    B. There are eleven (11) open certification items for STS-109/HST3B.

    C. There are four (4) open certification items for STS-110/8A.

  3. CCBDs and PPDOs

The following items were presented and directed as follows:

    • H7138FR3 — Middeck EMU Battery Charger, ISS Certification and Production of Additional Flight Unit to Support STS-109/HST3B — Approved with changes.

    • H7173 — Teflon Knuckle Pad AFU Rationale for CM Newman Phase VI gloves — Approved with changes.


  2. The following actions were updated:

    Action 10/3/01-101: Put together a schedule for the waiver and final closure procedure for ILCVR/CIL/HAZ documentation.

    Assignee: ILC/S. Ross and HSMS/C. Russo

    Due Date: 10/10/01

    Status: Provide the schedule and rationale at the next EMU Panel.

    Action 10/3/01-102: Gather the community together on the generic eye irritation issues. Work what the requirements/issues are, if needed, for input into the Hazard Report.

    Assignee: HSMS/B. Mumford

    Due Date: 10/10/01

    Status: Provide a status at the next EMU Panel.

  3. Issues and Special Topics

ILC/M. Garza — ORU Tool Kit — A list of additional tools was presented and the CCBD R1 will come forth to the EMU Panel on October 25, 2001.

ILC/D. Cox — Barcodes Fix — An agreement has been reach with USA on how to process this CCBD. Revisions to this CCBD is in work and will come back to the EMU Panel.

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