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Email from CSA President and CEO Boisvert Regarding Canadian Space Agency’s Organization

By SpaceRef Editor
June 20, 2007
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Email from CSA President and CEO Boisvert Regarding Canadian Space Agency’s Organization

From: Boisvert, Larry
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 6:29 PM
To: CSA Employees
Subject: Organisation de l’Agence spatiale canadienne – Canadian Space Agency’s Organization

Last month I undertook a reorganisation to streamline the Executive Committee and corporate structure. As a result we now have simpler and more effective decision-making processes.

At the time, I said other smaller adjustments would be required to better focus our programs and activities.  Today, I am announcing those adjustments.

The Corporate Secretariat and President’s Office are being further streamlined. The Special Assistant and Senior Manager, Corporate Secretariat and a vacant officer position will be abolished. A smaller team will support the Executive Office under the direction of Nathalie Désilets, Manager of Executive Support Services.

Effective July 7th, the Canadian Astronaut Office is being disbanded.

Steve MacLean, as Chief Astronaut for the next year, will coordinate the activities of the Canadian Astronaut Corps and will report directly to Benoit Marcotte, Director General of Operations and Assets.  This change will better integrate astronaut programs and activities with other space operations such as the International Space Station.

The astronaut logistics group will provide mission support and report to Benoit Marcotte, Director General of Operations and Assets.

Dr. Jean-Marc Comtois, Director of Operational Space Medicine and his team will report to Dave Kendall, Director General of Space Science. This change will enhance collaboration with members of the space sciences team and foster scientific research involving astronauts.

This completes the organisational changes I intend to undertake. Employees who are affected by these changes have been advised and provided with alternate employment opportunities.

As you are aware, under my mandate, I am leading a review of all CSA programs and our governance structure.  Over the summer, I will continue my active discussions with our government, as well as university and industry stakeholders to gather their views before reporting to our Minister.

Thank You

Larry Boisvert
President and CEO

SpaceRef staff editor.