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Earth Observatory: What’s New Week of 05/27/2003

By SpaceRef Editor
May 27, 2003
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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory (05/27/2003)


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Earth Observatory


In the News:

* Latest Images:

Snow Depth in the Northern Hemisphere

Indianapolis, Indiana

How Does Anthropogenic Haze Influence Climate?

Tonle Sap Wetlands, Cambodia

Earth and Moon as Viewed from Mars

Oil Slicks on Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Cyclone Brings Flooding to Sri Lanka

* NASA News

  • – Coastal Cities Turn Up the Heat on Rainfall
  • – NASA to Mentor Students in Earth Science Research
  • – New NASA Computer Models May Lead to Quake Forecast System
  • – First-Time-Ever Snapshot Released of Mother Earth from Mars

* Media Alerts

  • – New Climate Model Predicts Greater 21st Century Warming


New Data:

* Updated Data:

Aerosol Optical Depth data for April 2003

Aerosol Particle Radius data for April 2003

TOMS Aerosol Index data for March 2003

Cirrus Cloud Fraction data for April 2003

Cloud Radiative Forcing data for November – December 2002

Outgoing Longwave Radiation data for November – December 2002

Net Radiation data for November – December 2002

Ozone data for April 2003

Snow Cover data for February – April 2003

Reflected Shortwave Radiation data for November – December 2002

UV Radiation Exposure data for April 2003

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