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Dawn Related ROSES Solicitation Announcement

By SpaceRef Editor
May 20, 2014
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Dawn Related ROSES Solicitation Announcement

The Dawn Focused Research and Analysis Program (DFRAP) will not be solicited. Instead, the scope of the Discovery Data Analysis Program (DDAP), has been expanded to include the Dawn mission data. The Planetary Science Division intends to issue a call for the Dawn Guest Investigator Program through ROSES-2014.

Those contemplating fundamental research associated with Ceres that would not be appropriate for DDAP should consider Solar System Workings (SSW). HOWEVER, THE SSW STEP-1 PROPOSAL DUE DATE IS THIS FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014.

Step-2 SSW proposals are due July 25, 2014. DDAP due dates remain unchanged. DDAP Step-1 proposals are due July 14, 2014, and Step-2 proposals are due September 12, 2014.

While SSW was always open to eligible work on Ceres, PSD management understands that some who may have been planning to propose Ceres fundamental research to DFRAP (only) now have to redirect to SSW at short notice. PSD regrets the inconvenience and will work with them as needed.


If you are concerned about hitting the Step-1 deadline or unsure if your work is eligible to DDAP or SSW, contact Mary Voytek and Christina Richey ASAP, and they can work with you to ensure you get your Step-2 in to SSW in a timely manner. As promised by Jim Green earlier this year, anyone who submit a scientifically-meritorious proposal will be reviewed this year in PSD.


Questions concerning DDAP may be directed to:

Christina Richey



Questions concerning SSW may be directed to:

Mary Voytek



Questions concerning DFRAP and the Dawn Guest Investigator Program may 

be directed to:

Michael S. Kelley:


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