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Copenhagen Suborbitals Video: Sapphire The Guided Rocket – Parachute Test

By SpaceRef Editor
April 6, 2013
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Copenhagen Suborbitals is just weeks away from our first actively guided rocket flight. The Sapphire rocket has a liftoff mass of 200 kg, and stands six meters tall. Its nitrous oxide / polyurethane HATV type hybrid, controlled by servo operated copper jet vanes in the rocket jet. These powerful motors have a flawless record.

The instrumentation and payload is now passing parachute separation tests – and the two test performed confirmed our expectations for the parachute system.

The purpose of Copenhagen Suborbitals is to launch a human into space. You can god to space with a passive stable finn only rocket – but the initial acceleration needed to stay on course is too high for humans to endure. Therefore CS must master active guidance.

The fist and last purpose of the Sapphire mission is to test active guidance.

SpaceRef staff editor.