Status Report

Completion of Discovery vehicle flight (STS-92 (3A)

By SpaceRef Editor
October 25, 2000
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On October 25, 2000 the U.S Discovery orbiter flight being
implemented under the International Space Station program was completed.
At 00:58:00 Moscow time the orbiter landed at the Edwards AFB, California.
The orbiter landing was deferred twice because of adverse weather conditions
in the proposed landing area – the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

According to the accepted classification at NASA, the
flight is designated as STS-92 (3A under the International Space Station).

The crew of the space orbiter: mission commander Brian
Duffy, pilot Pamela Melroy, flight specialists Leroy Chiao, William
McArthur, Peter Wisoff, Michael Lopez-Alegria and Koichi Wakata (Japan/NASDA)
have implemented the planned flight program.

Orbiter rendezvous maneuvers, docking and undocking with
ISS, as well as the major flight tasks: installation of the Z1 main
truss on the Unity Node using the remote manipulator system, ISS equipping
with a pressurized adapter, Ku-band radio system, gyros were implemented
in a near-earth orbit over 12 days, 21 h and 43 min; four EVAs were
performed. The International Space Station has been prepared to welcome
the first crew.

At the present time the ISS is functioning in orbit consisting
of the following modules: the Zarya Functional-Cargo Module (FGB) (launched
on November 20, 1998), Unity Node (docked to the ISS on December 7,
1998), Zvezda Service Module (docking on July 26, 2000), Progress M1-3
cargo vehicle (docking on August 9, 2000).

The start of the Soyuz TM-31 space vehicle carrying the
first expedition crew to the International Space Station: Russian cosmonauts
Yuri Gidzenko, Sergei Krikalev and U.S astronaut William Shepherd is
planned from the Baikonur cosmodrome on October 31, 2000, at 10:53:00.

The ISS Russian segment systems operation monitoring
and flight control is provided by the Lead Operational Control Team
from the Mission Control Center located in Korolev, Moscow area.

SpaceRef staff editor.