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Comments to NASA’s SARA website

By SpaceRef Editor
September 13, 2007
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NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Research and Analysis (R&A) website at (, the SARA website, solicits comments through a “contact SARA” link on each webpage.  The “contact SARA” link page was not working properly during the first week of website operations. All messages sent to NASA through the “contact SARA” link prior to September 12, 2007, were lost and cannot be recovered. The problem with the “contact SARA” link page has now been corrected. If you sent messages through the “contact SARA” link during this period, please send them again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Additional updates in content have been made to the SARA website since it was first released, and a new letter from SARA will be uploaded on September 14, 2007. In order to receive future notices concerning SMD’s R&A program, please subscribe to the update notice list through the “contact SARA” page. This NSPIRES mailing list will not be used to distribute R&A updates in the future.

For questions or further information about the NASA SMD R&A program or the SARA website, please contact Dr. Yvonne Pendleton, Senior Advisor for Research and Analysis (SARA), Science Mission Directorate, Washington, DC, 20546; email [email protected]

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