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Clusters of galaxies in radio

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January 30, 2003
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From: Luigina Feretti <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:33:06 GMT (447kb)

Clusters of galaxies in radio

Luigina Feretti

Comments: 14 pags,8 figs,Invited review at “Matter and Energy in Clusters of
Galaxies”, Taiwan, 2002 April 23-27; to appear in ASP Conf. Series, eds. S.
Bowyer & C.-Y. Hwang

Recent results on the radio emission from galaxy clusters are reviewed, with
emphasis both on the radio galaxies and on the diffuse radio emission from the
intracluster medium. We show that the formation of the tailed morphology in
cluster radio galaxies is due to the effect of the cluster gaseous environment
and of its large scale motions in merging clusters. From Chandra X-ray data, it
has also become evident that the gas in the hot cluster atmospheres may be
displaced by the relativistic plasma. The statistical characteristics of radio
galaxies are briefly discussed, and are shown to be surprisingly similar for
sources both inside and outside rich clusters. The study of diffuse radio
sources originating from the intracluster medium (halos and relics) has
presently become a major area of investigation. Halos and relics are detected
in massive X-ray luminous clusters which are undergoing violent merger
processes. The power of radio halos is correlated with the cluster X-ray
luminosity and mass.

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