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Changes to the NASA ROSES-15 Summary of Solicitation

By SpaceRef Editor
May 12, 2015
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A number of corrections and clarifications have been made to the ROSES-15 Summary of Solicitation. 

In response to comments from proposing organizations, the ROSES-2015 Summary of Solicitation has been modified in a few ways. First, award dollar values are no longer required for the current and pending support section. Second, we have clarified the rules about the order of components of the Scientific/Technical section of the proposal, as well as the location of the Table of Personnel and Work Effort. Finally, new program elements previously added to ROSES via amendments now appear in the list of appendices 

A more detailed description of these changes and comparisons to what appears in the guidebook for proposers appears at: Proposers should also read the ROSES-2015 Summary of Solicitation. 

Questions concerning these changes may be directed to: Max Bernstein at

SpaceRef staff editor.