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Chandra Operations CXO Status Report 29 Mar 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
March 29, 2002
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During the last week the observing schedule was replanned to include an observation of the Gamma Ray Burster GRB020321 that was accepted as a Target Of Opportunity (TOO) on 24 March. Observation of FTM0906+4952 and HS 0848+1119 were impacted by the TOO and will be rescheduled in a later load.

Real-time procedures were completed nominally on 23 March to re-position the HRC door to its closed position and on 28 March to uplink the rebuilt loads for the TOO.

A press release was issued on March 28 announcing the detection with Chandra of the three most distant quasars, located some 13 billion lights years away. For details see: http://chandra/press/02_releases/press_032802.html

The observing schedule for the next week is shown below and includes a pair of constrained observations of RX J1258+23.

IRAS20051-1117         ACIS-I       Apr 1
V 1525+0958            ACIS-I
Radiation Belts
NGC6397                ACIS-S       Apr 2
Vela Pwn               ACIS-S
1WGA_J1220.6+3347      ACIS-S       Apr 3
RX J1258+23 (2 obs)    ACIS-S
NGC 4410A              ACIS-S
BR1202-0725            ACIS-S
HD133880               ACIS-I       Apr 4
NGC6397                ACIS-S
Quest 1533-0346        ACIS-S
Radiation Belts
Abell 2147             ACIS-I       Apr 5
NGC 5775               ACIS-S
NGC 3628 X-2           ACIS-S       Apr 6
HS 0810+5157           ACIS-S
NGC1600                ACIS-S
Radiation Belts                     Apr 7
0413-210               ACIS-S

All spacecraft subsystems continued to operate nominally.

SpaceRef staff editor.