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Chandra Operations CXO Status Report 12 July 2002

By SpaceRef Editor
July 12, 2002
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During the last week, Chandra completed the observing schedule as planned.

Preparations are complete for uplinking an update to on-board gyro scale-factor and alignment matrix. The procedure will be run on July 16 during a real-time pass and be followed by a series of test maneuvers run from the daily load.

A Chandra image release of the interacting pair of galaxies known as the Whirlpool galaxy (M51) was made on 1 July. For details see:

Of note last week was the visit by members of the Hubble Space Telescope operations and Institute team to discuss Chandra and Hubble operations.

The observing schedule for the next week is shown below and includes an observation of IM Peg coordinated with RXTE.

AX J1406.2+2228        ACIS-S       Jul 14
AX J1425.2+2303        ACIS-S
G21.5-0.9              HRC-I
HEN3-1475              ACIS-S       Jul 15
1746.7-3224            ACIS-S
H134824                ACIS-I
MSH 11-61A             ACIS-I
G322.5-0.1             ACIS-I       Jul 16
Radiation Belts                     Jul 17
NGC1600                ACIS-S
PSS 0008+1923          ACIS-S       Jul 18
HS 0017+2116           ACIS-S
Cas A                  HRC-I
Cas A                  ACIS-I
Cas A                  ACIS-S
Her X-1                ACIS-S/HETG
IM Peg                 ACIS-S/HETG
NGC 7314               ACIS-S/HETG  Jul 19
Radiation Belts
NGC 7314               ACIS-S/HETG
SMC Field 5            ACIS-I       Jul 20
MSH 11-61A             ACIS-I
BR1202-0725            ACIS-S       Jul 21
LBQS 1314+0116         ACIS-S
AX J1218.6+0546        ACIS-S
AX J1230.8+1433        ACIS-S
AX J1231.5+1422        ACIS-S
HS 1202+3538           ACIS-S
AX J131832+3259        ACIS-I
H135556                ACIS-I

All spacecraft subsystems continued to operate nominally.

SpaceRef staff editor.