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CBD: NASA: Space Science Enterprise Product Dissemination Request for Information Draft Text

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November 7, 2001
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CLASSCOD: A–Research and Development

OFFADD: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters Acquisition
Branch, Code 210.H, Greenbelt, MD 20771


DUE 122801

POC Dan Woods, Program Planning Specialist, Phone (202) 358-0850,
Fax (202) 358-3092, Email

DESC: Background and Introduction NASA’s Space Science Enterprise
(SSE) is seeking information from potential responders concerning
the best method to collaborate with an organization(s) to support
the reproduction and dissemination of its hardcopy (i.e., paper
or similar medium) education and public outreach products.

NASA is seeking to collect this information to assist it in
developing a potential acquisition instrument. SSE produces
a wide variety of education and outreach materials geared toward
educators and the general public. These include such products
as posters, lithograph sets, compact discs, videos, slide sets,
educator guides, brochures, bookmarks, trading cards, and postcards.
Multiple SSE missions contribute to the development and initial
production of these materials. The dissemination process varies,
depending on the mission and type of material. Initially, funding
is available for production of a limited quantity of these
materials. But many missions do not have the resources to produce
and distribute enough material to keep up with demand. In some
cases, as many as 10,000+ requests have been made for a single
product. NASA would like to facilitate the creation of a “one
stop shopping” experience for educators to browse, select,
order, and have shipped to them SSE education and public outreach
products. Currently, SSE utilizes the NASA Central Operation
of Resources for Educators (CORE) to handle the reproduction
and distribution of slide sets, videos and compact disks. As
part of the strategy for the reproduction and distribution
of education and public outreach material, the relationship
with NASA CORE would need to be maintained as part of the solution
for “one stop shopping” of all SSE education and public outreach

A website has been developed by SSE, the Space Science
Education Resource Directory (SSERD), that provides a single
repository for all materials produced by the Space Science
missions and allows educators to search for specific SSE materials
that meet their classroom needs (
). Material that is available in electronic form can be downloaded
immediately. However, SSE does not have a means for distributing
material that must be delivered in hardcopy form. It is the
goal of SSE to include hardcopy materials as well, allowing
a centralized means of locating, ordering, and distributing
all Space Science materials no matter what the format. The
website has been designed with this goal in mind. SSE is requesting
information on how best to collaborate with an organization
to facilitate the reproduction and dissemination needs of its
hardcopy education and outreach materials utilizing a centralized
distribution process through the SSERD website. After review
of the information provided to SSE, a potential acquisition
instrument may be issued.

Any respondent’s proposed methodology
should assume the following conditions: – SSE will provide
masters of hardcopy materials to the vendor for reproduction
and distribution. – The collaborating organization will provide
the following services through a centralized process: – Provide
a method for directly ordering materials through the SSERD
Website – Handle all financial interactions resulting from
the ordering process – Reproduce materials to meet customer
demands – Maintain and provide current inventory data to the
SSERD – Distribute materials to customers who order products
from the SSERD SSE realizes that one or more organizations
may be required to fulfill the needs of this collaboration,
but this must be transparent to SSE as well as the public.
It is envisioned that there will be no exchange of funds between
SSE and the organization(s). Rather the cost of implementing
the collaboration(i.e., reproduction, shipping and handling,
and reasonable fee) will be recovered from the sale of material
to the public at the lowest price possible with delivery of
the product to the customer occurring in a timely manner (2
weeks or less). Submission Requirements Suggestions regarding
the collaboration should be submitted in a narrative format
using Microsoft Word with graphics as appropriate. Font size
should be no smaller than 12 point and must be submitted electronically.
Send email (with attachment) to

The subject
should be “OSS EPO Replication/Dissemination RFI”. Suggestions
are due by close of business (Pacific coast time) December
28, 2001. Future Use of Concepts NASA reserves the right to
use submitted concepts for NASA internal planning. Although
details of suggested concepts are meant only for NASA use,
concept submitters should not submit proprietary material.
It is emphasized that the requested information is for preliminary
planning purposes only and does not constitute a commitment,
implied or otherwise, that NASA will solicit you for a procurement
of any related effort in the future. Neither will NASA be responsible
for any costs incurred by you in the furnishing of this information.
Point of Contact for Questions Questions and comments should
be directed to Mr. Dan Woods in the Office of Space Science
at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Mr. Woods may be reached
using the same email address above.

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