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CBD: NASA: SP–In-Spce Propulsion Technology Program

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October 9, 2001
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OFFADD: NASA/Glenn Research Center, 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland,
OH 44135


DESC: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA)
Glenn Research Center (GRC)intends to conduct research projects
over the next several years focused on In-Space Propulsion
Technologies. The goal is to address key technology risks and
encourage innovative solutions in preparation for future exploration
missions. Both deep space and near-Earth environments should
be considered.

The In-Space Propulsion Technologies Program
fosters the development of innovative space propulsion concepts
and the assessment of those concepts in ground, flight, or
engineering model demonstrations. NASA GRC plans to conduct
analytical studies, lab demonstrations, field demonstrations,
requirements analysis, design, and engineering model construction
for innovative techniques that have the highest potential to
meet the goals for the Advanced Space Transportation Program
and the requirements of the Office of Space Science. The development
and/or qualification of flight hardware is generally not supported
within the scope of In-Space technology activities.

is seeking partners from the aerospace industry to participate
with NASA GRC Principal Investigators (PI) to develop proposals
in response to future NASA procurements and execute development
and performance demonstrations of space propulsion systems,
subsystems, and/or components. It is expected that selection
of the proposal(s) and availability of funds would result in
system, subsystem, and/or component contracts for the selected
partner(s). This partnering opportunity does not guarantee
selection for award of any contracts, nor is it to be construed
as a commitment by NASA to pay for the information solicited.
It is expected that the partner(s) selected would provide (at
no cost to NASA) proposal inputs, including: conceptual designs,
technical data, project schedules and cost estimates, consistent
with the requirements of any NASA solicitations. Potential
partners are requested to submit a statement of interest and
capability. This statement should demonstrate the capabilities
and experience to provide systems, subsystems, and components
consistent with the efforts synopsized for the relevant technology
area. Partners must work collaboratively with NASA GRC and
other potential aerospace industry partners to perform the
required tasks.

Partner selection(s) will be made by GRC based
on the following criteria: 1) Relevant experience, technical
capability and availability of key personnel. This criterion
evaluates the proposer’s relevant recent experience, technical
capability to perform the tasks and key personnel available
to support the tasks. Substantive evidence (points of contact
and telephone numbers) of successful participation in similar
efforts should be included. 2) Management Processes This criterion
evaluates the proposer’s ability to control both cost and schedule.
The proposer should provide descriptions of program/project
control and management processes used in similar technology
development programs. Responses should be limited to 3 pages
(12 point, Times Roman font) and address each of the criteria.
Even though it may be duplicative, a separate proposal must
be submitted for each technology area of interest. The responder
must indicate on the cover page of the proposal the applicable
technology area. All responses should be sent to: NASA Glenn
Research Center, 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44135
Attn: Ernest C. Mensurati M.S. 500-319 or via e-mail to

The due date for submission is COB October 24, 2001. Procurement
questions should be directed to Ernest C. Mensurati at (216)433-2727.
Partners are sought for the following technology areas. The
technical requirements and NASA GRC point of contact for technical
questions is provided for each area. For areas 1 through 4
and 7 the NASA GRC Point of Contact is Scott Benson, (216)977-7085
or For areas 5 and 6 the NASA
GRC Point of Contact is William Taylor, (216)433-6568 or
1.Electric Propulsion (Ion 5/10kW) 2.Electric Propulsion (Hall
= 50kW) 3.Electric Propulsion (30-100kW, ISP = 3000-10,000
sec, eff. >50%) 4.Electric Propulsion (>500kW, ISP > 3000sec,
eff. >50%) 5.Advanced Chemical Propulsion 6.Bimodal Nuclear
Thermal Propulsion 7.Plasma Sails

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