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CBD: NASA: NASA “Meatball” Logo Pins, Gold Orbiter Pins, Bronze ISS Pins

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September 12, 2001
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CLASSCOD: 99–Miscellaneous

OFFADD: NASA/Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas, 77058-3696,
Mail Code: BJ


SOL 9-BJ2-Z66-01-47Q

DUE 100901

POC Jennifer L. Krause, Contract Specialist, Phone (281) 483-8269,
Fax (281) 483-2138, Email – Richard
W Bennett, Contracting Officer, Phone (281) 483-1872, Fax (281)
483-2138, Email

DESC: This notice is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial
items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart
12.6, as supplemented with additional information included
in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation;
quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will
not be issued. This procurement is being conducted under the
Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP). This notice is being
issued as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for 50,000 NASA “Meatball”
Logo Pins; 50,000 Gold-plated Orbiter Pins; and 50,000 Antique
Bronze-plated International Space Station (ISS) Pins. Pictures
are included at

Offerors must submit a pre-production sample with their quote.
The provisions and clauses in the RFQ are those in effect through
FAC 97-27. This procurement is a total small business set-aside.
See Note 1.

The NAICS Code and the small business size standard
for this procurement are 339911 and 500, respectively. The
quoter shall state in their quotation their size status for
this procurement. All qualified responsible business sources
may submit a quotation which shall be considered by the agency.
Delivery to NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX is required
by November 15, 2001. Delivery shall be FOB Destination. The
DPAS rating for this procurement is DO-C9. Quotations for the
items(s) described above are due by October 9, 2001 and may
be mailed to NASA Johnson Space Center; Attn: BJ2/Jennifer
Krause; 2101 NASA Road One; Houston, TX 77058. Quotations must
include, solicitation number, FOB destination to this Center,
proposed delivery schedule, discount/payment terms, warranty
duration (if applicable), taxpayer identification number (TIN),
identification of any special commercial terms, cage code,pre-production
sample, and be signed by an authorized company representative.

Quoters are encouraged to use the Standard Form 1449, Solicitation/Contract/Order
for Commercial Items form found at URL:
to submit a quotation. Quoters shall provide the information
required by FAR 52.212-1. If the end product(s) quoted is other
than domestic end product(s) as defined in the clause entitled
“Buy American Act — Supplies,” the quoter shall so state and
shall list the country of origin. The Representations and Certifications
required by FAR 52.2l2-3 may be obtained via the internet at
52.212-4 is applicable. FAR 52.212-5 is applicable. and the
following identified clauses are incorporated by reference:52.222-21,
52.222-26, 52.222-35, 52.222-36, 52.222-37, 52.222-19, 52.225-1,
52.225-3, 52,225-13, 52.232-34. The FAR may be obtained via
the Internet at URL: The NFS may
be obtained via the Internet at URL:

Questions regarding this acquisition must be submitted in writing
no later than September 18, 2001. Award will be based upon
overall best value to the Government, with consideration given
to the factors of proposed technical merits, price and past
performance; other critical requirements (i.e., delivery) if
so stated in the RFQ will also be considered. Unless otherwise
stated in the solicitation, for selection purposes, technical,
price and past performance are essentially equal in importance.
It is critical that offerors provide adequate detail to allow
evaluation of their offer (see FAR 52.212-1(b). Quoters must
provide copies of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror Representation
and Certifications – Commercial Items with their quote. See
above for where to obtain copies of the form via the Internet.
An ombudsman has been appointed – See NASA Specific Note “B”.

Prospective quoters shall notify this office of their intent
to submit a quotation. It is the quoter’s responsibility to
monitor the following Internet site for the release of amendments
(if any):
Potential quoters will be responsible for downloading their
own copy of this combination synopsis/solicitation and amendments
(if any). See Note(s) 1. Any referenced notes can be viewed
at the following URL:


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EMAILDESC: Jennifer L. Krause

CITE: (D-253 SN50X2M0)

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