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CBD: Missile Defense Agency (MDA) BAA for Advanced Concepts (SNOTE)

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February 26, 2002
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Primary Sponsor: Department of Defense


SOL Reference-Number-HQ0006-02-AC-BAA

DUE 093002

POC Karla Jackson, Contracting Officer, Phone 703-695-9112, Fax 703-697-7907, E-MAIL:

The mission of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is to develop an integrated ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) to defend the United States and its deployed forces, allies, and friends from ballistic missile attack. As part of that effort, MDA will develop and test new technologies to provide early capability or improve the effectiveness of deployed capabilities to counter new threats. To investigate these new technologies, MDA has established a Deputy for Advanced Concepts (AC) whose mission is to pursue and assess innovative concepts and develop algorithms to improve BMDS capability.

MDA/AC has established an Innovation Cell, which consists of a team of experts to evaluate new ballistic missile defense concepts and technologies. The MDA/AC Innovation Cell seeks new and innovative concepts for integrated systems and for technical improvements in the boost, midcourse, and terminal phases of missile defense. Specific research objectives for each missile defense phase encompass Surveillance, Track & Discrimination, Engagement Planning, Threat Engagement, and Kill Assessment.

Concepts are sought in the following seven technology areas: (1) Radar Systems including Integrated System Concepts, Cross Sections and Signatures, Measurements (waveforms, data extraction), Hardware (transmit/receive modules), Signal Processing, Data Visualization, Data Compression, Image Interpretation, Seekers; (2) Lasers and Electro-Optical Systems including High Energy Lasers, Beam Control, Passive IR and Optical Systems, Ladar Systems, Optical Signal Processing, Focal Plane Arrays, Lethality Mechanisms; (3) Mathematics and Computer Science including Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Software, Probability and Statistics, and Pattern Recognition; (4) Electrical Engineering including Digital Electronics and Signal Processing, Machine Implementation of Algorithms, Analog Circuits and Communications, Computer Vision, Distributed Computing; (5) Physics and Chemistry including Electrodynamics, Nuclear Physics and Weapons Effects, Infrared and Optical Signatures, Energy Conversion, and Rocket Plume Analysis; (6) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering including Space Systems, Missile System Aerodynamics, Propulsion, and Reentry Physics, Guidance and Control, and Materials Science; and (7) Battle Management/Command and Control including Engagement Planning, Tactics, Intelligence Exploitation, and Countermeasures, Decision Theory and Modeling, Target Tracking, Classification, Identification, and Discrimination, and Sensor Fusion.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please respond to MDA with the following: (1) a summary concept paper (up to five pages) which succinctly illustrates the proposed technical approach, as well as its rationale and objectives, methodology, expected results, and potential contribution to the MDA program; (2) a Rough Order of Cost Magnitude (ROCM); (3) a suggested period of performance, and (4) a description of the offeror?s capabilities, relevant experience, and facilities. Responses shall be submitted in electronic format (MS Word for Windows or a clearly readable .pdf file) to the point of contact listed below.

MDA will evaluate these responses based upon the following criteria (all criteria of equal importance): (1) the relevance of the technology or application to the MDA program, to include maturity and the level of risk; (2) the scientific excellence and innovative quality of the proposed technology or application; (3) the offer?s capabilities, relevant experience, and facilities; and (4) estimated cost effectiveness (the ROCM). This BAA will remain open until September 30, 2003. Responses will be evaluated as received, but may take up to six months to complete. If MDA decides to pursue a concept, a formal proposal will be requested. The MDA may award contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, or other transactions as a result of this BAA.

Any awards are anticipated to occur in FYs 2002 ? 2004, and will most likely be a Cost Plus Fixed Fee type of arrangement. Issuance of this BAA does not obligate the Government to pay any proposal preparation costs or to award any contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, or other transactions. The Government reserves the right to select for award any, all, part, or none of the proposals received. The point of contact for concept submittals and questions is Albert Dainton at (703) 695-9174 or email at Posted 02/22/02 ( W-SN00030131). (0053)

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