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CBD Announcement: Extra-Solar Planets Advanced Mission Concepts

By SpaceRef Editor
June 19, 2001
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DUE 081701

POC Philippe Crane, Keck Project Scientist, Phone (202) 358-0377, Fax (202) 358-3097

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Office of Space Science is releasing a NASA Research Announcement (NRA 01-OSS-04), entitled Extra-Solar Planets Advanced Mission Concepts to develop any one of three types of investigation concept studies. These are: 1) concepts for missions that can provide a deep survey for Earth-like planets around nearby stars, as well as provide a broad survey for more massive planets around more distant stars and can determine the masses of any Earth-like planets that are found; 2) concepts for missions that can provide either scientific or technical support to the scientific aims of the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) mission; and 3) concept studies for development and/or validation activities (either ground-based or through low-cost space flight) that will provide significant technology in support of the TPF mission science goals.

Participation is open to all categories of organizations, foreign and domestic, including industry, educational institutions,nonprofit organizations, NASA centers, and other Government agencies. Upon the release date, specific guidance for proposal preparation will be available electronically from the World Wide Web by selecting “Research Opportunities” at: Obtain printed copies and further information on scientific and technical questions from Dr. Philippe Crane, Discipline Scientist, Research Program Management Division, Code SR, Office of Space Science, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC 20546-0001; TEL: (202) 358-0377; E-mail:

This notice constitutes a NASA Research Announcement as specified in FAR 6.102(d)(2). WEB: Click here for the latest information about this notice,

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