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Cassini-Huygens Arrives at Saturn / ESA TV Service / 29 June – 9 July 2004

By SpaceRef Editor
June 25, 2004
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In the night 30 June to 1 July, the American/European Cassini-Huygens mission will arrive at Saturn. The ESA TV Service will provide extensive coverage of this event, as follows:

Tue 29 June

  • 09:15-09:30 tbc PRE-EVENT VNR: Cassini-Huygens arrives at Saturn (new 3-D graphics, sound bites, Phoebe fly-by images)
  • 16:00-17:00 LIVE: Press Briefing at JPL: Cassini-Huygens Science
  • 18:45-19:00 REPLAY PRE-EVENT VNR

Wed 30 June

  • 09:00-09:30 UPDATED PRE-EVENT VNR (new images/sound bites from JPL)
  • 16:00-16:30 LIVE: Press Briefing: Saturn Orbit Insertion Status

Thu 1 July

  • 01:45-05:00 LIVE: Cassini-Huygens Saturn Orbit Insertion (running order posted on ESA TV Website as of 28 June)
  • 05:30-06:30 LIVE: Press Briefing: Cassini-Huygens Orbit Insertion Result
  • 08:30-09:00 POST-EVENT VNR: Cassini-Huygens Orbit Insertion Result
  • 13:00-13:30 UPDATED POST-EVENT VNR
  • 17:30-18:30 LIVE: Press Briefing: Cassini/Huygens First Saturn Results (images of Saturn and its rings made during fly-by/insertion)

Fri 2 July

  • 09:15-09:30 tbc B-ROLL: Cassini-Huygens Arrival at Saturn Summary
  • 18:45-19:00 REPLAY B-roll

Fri 9 July

  • 09:15-09:30 EXCHANGE: Cassini-Huygens Arrival at Saturn

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