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Call for Papers for Special Section of JGR- Planets

By SpaceRef Editor
October 22, 2012
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Call for Papers for Special Section of JGR- Planets

Submissions are now being accepted for a Special Section of JGR- Planets entitled “Early Mars III: Geologic and Hydrologic Evolution, Physical and Climate Environments, and the Implications for Life.”

Final Submission Deadline: 14 December 2012

Guest Editor: Stephen Clifford, Lunar and Planetary Institute

The influx of new data received from recent spacecraft missions to Mars, the study of the martian meteorites, recent progress in early climate modeling, the growing evidence of the role of water in the planet’s evolution, and the rapid pace of new discoveries about the origin and diversity of life on Earth have reinvigorated interest in both the conditions that prevailed on Mars during its first billion years of geologic history and their implications for the development of life. Although this special section stems from the recent Third International Conference on Early Mars ( meetings/earlymars2012/), participation in this conference is not a prerequisite for submitting a manuscript for consideration. Submitted manuscripts should have a substantial early Mars focus, but they may also address terrestrial analogs and processes when there is a clear and demonstrated relevance to Mars.

Manuscripts are to be submitted through the AGU’s Geophysical Electronic Manuscript Submissions System (GEMS) website for JGR-Planets:

For additional information please contact Pam Calliham at

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