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Book: Space 2.0 India – Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives

By SpaceRef Editor
February 20, 2017
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Book: Space 2.0 India – Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives

With six decades of experience in exploring space for the benefit of its citizens, India has emerged as a major spacefaring nation with self-reliant capacity to undertake planetary and interplanetary missions. Having built up these capabilities while journeying through the most trying circumstances, India today stands at the crossroad: it can maximise its gains and build on its potential to build complex space missions. Several strategies are open for India’s policymakers, both short-term and long-term, to expand the utilisation of space assets and increase the overall size of the country’s space economy. This also presents also great opportunity for developing countries to collaborate with India in expanding their space capabilities.

I am happy to share with you all the first comprehensive book – ‘Space 2.0 India – Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives’ that addresses many of the prevalent policy issues in space and suggests measures to address them, from the varied perspectives of space commerce, space policy, space security, global governance, and international cooperation. The book is available online to download and share for free HERE.

I believe the ideas expressed in this book shall be relevant for the next decade, especially for folks who want to collaborate or cooperative with India’s rising space sector. Please share this with any colleagues who may be interested. Thanks!

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Narayan Prasad

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