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Atlantis Deploys Final Payload PicoSat

By SpaceRef Editor
July 20, 2011
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Atlantis Deploys Final Payload PicoSat

Space shuttle Atlantis deployed a small, eight-pound, 5″ X 5″ X 10″ technology demonstration satellite, called PicoSat, from a canister in the shuttle cargo bay. The satellite will relay data back to investigators on the performance of its own solar cells for analysis and possible use on future space hardware.

PicoSat was the 180th and final payload deployed in space shuttle history.

The Flight Dynamics Officer in Mission Control has slightly updated the times for Atlantis’ two Thursday landing opportunities at Kennedy Space Center:

Orbit 200
Deorbit burn – 4:49:04 a.m. EDT
Landing – 5:56:58 a.m. EDT

Orbit 201
Deorbit burn – 6:25:44 a.m. EDT
Landing – 7:32:55 a.m. EDT

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