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Astronauts underwater and Women workiing on the ’03 Mars Rover!

By SpaceRef Editor
May 13, 2002
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Dear Subscribers,

I hope some of you had the chance to take in some of the Virtual Take
our Daughters to Work Day events and the Global Science and
Technology Week events. Any feedback? technical issues? questions?

We know that lots of you are caught up in State testing requirements
and end of the year activities.
Even so I wanted to let you know about two really exciting events
this week; one with astronauts living under water and the other about
women who are working on the 2003 rover to Mars.

The NASA Quest Team is so happy to bring you these live events about
actual and current NASA science. Imagine when these astronauts go up
in space your students will already know them! When the Mars rover
lands and the news programs show the excited researchers reacting to
the first movement of the rover your students will be able to tell
their parents who’s who!

Hope you can join us for one or both!

Wednesday, May 15, 9-10 AM Pacific, 12-1 PM Eastern, 1600-1700 GMT

ISS – A Home in Microgravity: Aquarius, an Analog to Space Travel
Live from underwater, off the coast of the Florida Keys, in a
submersible deep-sea habitat called the Aquarius. NASA is interested
in finding out if this facility could help us understand and prepare
for long-term space travel.

Learn more from Bill Todd’s Journal,
More information on this event,

[ I had the opportunity to meet Sunita Williams when she was here in
San Jose for a robotics event. She is a helicopter pilot and very
interesting to talk to.}

Thursday, May 16, 2-3 PM Pacific, 5-6 PM Eastern, 2100-2200 GMT
Women Working on Mars:

In 2003, NASA will launch twin Mars rovers to explore the Red Planet.
Meet some of the women who are involved with this fascinating
mission! You will hear from scientists, engineers, artists, web
designers and many other women who help make Mars exploration

More information is available:

To attend these events hit the “Join the webcast” link on the
calendar page.

SpaceRef staff editor.