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Astrobiology Volume 2 Number 4 2002 Table of Contents

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February 7, 2003
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Astrobiology Volume 2 Number 4 2002


  • The First Cell Membranes, David Deamer; Jason P. Dworkin; Scott A. Sandford; Max P. Bernstein; Louis J. Allamandola

Research Papers

  • Long-Term Manipulations of Intact Microbial Mat Communities in a Greenhouse Collaboratory: Simulating Earth’s Present and Past Field Environments, Brad M. Bebout; Steven P. Carpenter; David J. Des Marais; Mykell Discipulo; Tsegereda Embaye; Ferran Garcia-Pichel; Tori M. Hoehler; Mary Hogan; Linda L. Jahnke; Richard M. Keller; Scott R. Miller; Leslie E. Prufert-Bebout; Chris Raleigh; Michael Rothrock; Kendra Turk
  • The Reactions of Nitrogen Heterocycles with Acrolein: Scope and Prebiotic Significance, H. James Cleaves II
  • UV Photochemistry of DNA In Vitro and in Bacillus subtilis Spores at Earth-Ambient and Low Atmospheric Pressure: Implications for Spore Survival on Other Planets or Moons in the Solar System, Wayne L. Nicholson; Barbara Setlow; Peter Setlow

Abstracts from the NASA Astrobiology Institute General Meeting

  • Program Organizing Committee
  • Public Lecture
  • Concluding Lecture
  • The Search for Habitable Environments in the Cosmos
  • Pathways to Life
  • The History of Life on Earth
  • Special Session I: Astrobiological Perspectives in Exploring the Solar System
  • Special Session II: Evolutionary Genomics
  • Special Session III: Searching for Life Outside the Solar System
  • Special Session IV: Life in Extreme Environments
  • Special Session V: Advances in Ecological Genomics
  • Special Session VI: Early Biosphere Evolution
  • Education and Public Outreach
  • Evolution of Life
  • Exploring for Life in the Solar System
  • Exploring for Habitable Planets Beyond the Solar System
  • Extremes of Life
  • History of Planetary Habitability
  • Origin of Living Systems
  • Recognizing and Interpreting Biosignatures
  • Virtual Institute
  • Abstract Author Index
  • Subject and Author Indexes

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