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Astrobiology Science Conference 2004 Call for Papers

By SpaceRef Editor
December 23, 2003
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Astrobiology Science Conference 2004 Call for Papers

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we announce the call for abstracts for
Astrobiology Science Conference 2004.  The meeting is the third to be held at the NASA Research Park, NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Callifornia, and will take place 28 March to 1 April 2004. The meeting will consist of invited plenaries, contributed talks, posters, and topical sessions such as the Ethics of Exploration and Astrobiology and the Press.  The language of the conference will be English, but one session will be conducted in Spanish.

To submit an abstract, please go to, download the word file, and submit as directed.  All abstracts will be reviewed by the Science Organizing Committee for suitability and quality.  Each abstract will then be selected for a contributed oral presentation or poster.  Occasionally, a contributed abstract is deemed so outstanding that the author is asked to give a short plenary.  In the past several abstracts have been rejected because the material was not suitable, so please follow the directions carefully.  A prize will be awarded to the first 10 abstracts submitted.

The categories for abstracts are:

  • Astrobiology Missions  
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets   
  • Earth History  
  • Earth Science including remote sensing 
  • Environment & Evolution
  • Europa 
  • Extreme Environments   
  • Global Change  
  • Habitable Planets      
  • Humans in an Astrobiological Context   
  • Mars   
  • Origin of Life/Prebiotic Chemistry     
  • Outreach/Education     
  • Search for life beyond Earth (microbes to SETI)
  • Technology in support of Astrobiology Science  
  • Terrestrial life beyond Earth (includes gravity studies)       
  • Other  


In addition to one of the above categories, an abstract can be designated for  consideration at the NAI Student Poster Contest if a lead author is a student. The deadline for abstracts is January 22, 2004.On behalf of the Science Organizing Committee and the Local Organizing Committee, we eagerly anticipate your participation in “AbSciCon 2004.”

We anticipate over 800 participants ranging from scientists to educators to students and the press, and can guarantee a stimulating and exciting few days.

Lynn J. Rothschild

Chair, Science Organizing Committee

Astrobiology Science Conference 2004

Astrobiology Science Conference

March 28 – April 1, 2004

SpaceRef staff editor.