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Ariane Flight 155: The dual satellite payload “meets” its Ariane 5 launcher

By SpaceRef Editor
August 21, 2002
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Mission preparations continue on schedule for Ariane 5’s August 27
dual-payload launch, which will carry the Eutelsat Atlantic BirdTM 1
telecommunications satellite and Europe’s MSG-1 meteorological platform.

Atlantic BirdTM 1 will ride in the upper payload position on Ariane 5 and is
to be released first, followed by deployment of MSG-1.

The Atlantic BirdTM 1 spacecraft is installed under the short version of
Ariane 5’s payload fairing. The fairing will be jettisoned at 3 minutes into
the flight, and Atlantic BirdTM 1 will be released from atop the Sylda C
deployment system 25 minutes later. The Sylda C unit will then be separated,
exposing MSG-1 for its deployment 36 minutes after liftoff.

SpaceRef staff editor.