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Announcement of IPA/IAA Opportunity Pharmaceutical Strategist Human Research Program/Space Medicine Operations Division NASA JSC

By SpaceRef Editor
December 6, 2019
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Term: 2 year, renewable, beginning as soon as feasible




The NASA Johnson Space Center Human Health and Performance Directorate is seeking a full-time pharmaceutical strategist to work with both the Human Research Program and the Space Medicine Operations Division to identify and pursue novel strategies for developing and deploying a pharmaceutical formulary to support human space exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit.


The selected individual will work for NASA under an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreement or Interagency Agreement (IAA) and will remain employed with his or her home institution. The initial period of appointment will be one year, but may be extended with the mutual agreement of NASA and the individual’s home institution. For more information on IPAs, please see


Application Requirements:


U.S. Citizen or permanent resident

Applicants must be employees an academic institution for at least 90 days prior to the start of the IPA.


How to Apply:


Send your CV and a one page statement of interest to by December 31, 2019. Please put “pharmaceutical strategist” in the subject line to ensure your application is properly routed for review.


Major Duties:


          Provide expert analysis and recommendations to define the key operational risks and opportunities for a viable pharmaceutical formulary for near term missions beyond LEO, including MPCV, Gateway, and Lunar missions and for future mission to Mars;

          Identify and communicate research needs to develop a viable exploration pharmacy;

          Recommend and develop policy with respect to exploration pharmacy, including interpreting FDA regulations in the spaceflight context; identifying areas where policy clarification is necessary or desirable; and working with the Johnson Space Center Chief Medical Officer and the NASA Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer to develop appropriate standards and practices;

          Provide expertise in drug formulation, packaging, and stability;

          Provide expertise on novel pharmaceutical regulatory issues for exploration pharmacy;

          Provide expertise on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics as it relates to the exploration formulary;

          Provide expertise on pharmacogenomics as it relates to the exploration formulary;

          Recommend and develop policy with respect to NASA use of pharmacogenomics in maintenance of astronaut health and performance;

          Work with the Human Research Program and Space Medicine Operations to develop a strategy for a flexible, effective, and safe exploration pharmacy.


Desired Qualifications:


          PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, such as Pharmacology or Pharmaceutics.

          Experience in pharmaceutical research, development, and FDA regulations as it relates to the exploration formulary.

          Expertise in pharmacogenomics, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and biopharmaceutics

          Experience in policy and regulatory issues governing pharmaceutical uses as it pertains to the exploration formulary.


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