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AMSAT: AO-40 is transmitting on 2401.305 MHz

By SpaceRef Editor
December 26, 2000
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ANS is pleased to confirm that AO-40 is transmitting on 2401.305 MHz.

Prior to this confirmation, the satellite had not transmitted any signals
since December 13, 2000, which was shortly after the first burn of the
400-N motor.

Peter, DB2OS, provided ANS with the following information:

On December 25, 2000 at 21:45 UTC command station ZL1AOX
transmitted a L-band reset command which included an initialization
block to switch ‘on’ one of the two S-band transmitters onboard AO-40.
Just after the first attempt, AO-40’s S-2 beacon was received by Ian,
ZL1AOX, on 2401.305 MHz. The signal strength was S-5 to S-6, which
compares to S-2 when the beacon was last heard last during testing in
early December.

AO-40’s S-band transmitter produced a steady signal at ZL1AOX and
from the doppler wobbling it was also clear that it was in fact coming
from AO-40.

ZL1AOX reported that he was able to copy and observe the S-2
beacon until LOS at 03:45:15 UTC. Predicted LOS from NORAD’s
orbital set #12 indicated a LOS within 5 seconds of that time.

At the time of reception, AO-40’s approximate distance from ZL1AOX
was 61,470 kilometers.

Later today (December 26th), ZL1AOX will re-acquire AO-40 shortly
after perigee with a reasonably good squint angle. He will than start
reloading AO-40’s IPS software. Until that task is completed, AO-40’s
beacon will not carry any telemetry, just carrier.

Stay tuned to ANS for additional bulletins from AMSAT, the
official source for information on AMSAT OSCAR-40.

[ANS thanks AMSAT-DL and AMSAT-NA for this information]

SpaceRef staff editor.