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Amendment to NASA Research Announcement (NRA) NNH20ZHA001N: 2020 NASA Fellowship Activity

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January 22, 2020
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NASA Office of STEM Engagement released an Amendment to the NASA Fellowship Activity 2020


Date: January 21, 2020 adds Amendment

Amendment No. 1 added to the 2020 NASA Research Announcement (NRA)


2020 NASA Fellowship Activity

Announcement Number: NNH20ZHA001N, Released December 23, 2019



Change to Appendix E: NASA Fellowship Activity Research Opportunities by Center

Page 18

Four new Opportunity Titles were added to the list of available Research Opportunities on January 21, 2020. Instructions are provided for selecting additional titles as a designated research opportunity for the submission. 


1.          For the opportunity titled Tracing Abiotic Organic Chemistry Pathways Driven by Minerals on Ocean Worlds, please choose JPL-000 when making a selection on Cover Page. 

2.          For the opportunity titled Astrophysics, please choose GSFC-000 when making a selection on Cover Page. 

3.          For the opportunities titled Soft Magnetic Material Processing Development or Lunar Base Power and Thermal Exergy Management with Acoustic and Heat Pipe Energy Transport, please choose GRC-000 when making a selection on Cover Page.


4.          For the opportunities titled Developing High-Temperature Materials and Coatings for Hypersonic and Atmospheric Re-entry Flight Conditions, please choose LaRC-000 when making a selection on Cover Page. 

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