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Amendment #17 to the SALMON-3 AO: Modifications/Revisions/Additions to the SALMON-3 Common AO Body, including Appendices A-H

By SpaceRef Editor
October 22, 2019
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SALMON-3 Amendment 17: This amendment releases modifications/revisions/additions to the common omnibus NASA Announcement of Opportunity (AO) body entitled “Third Stand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice” (SALMON-3 NNH17ZDA004O) that includes Appendices A-H.  


The common SALMON-3 AO body provides a base for investigations referred to as Missions of Opportunity (MO). MOs are SALMON-3 amendments that NASA releases as a separate, i.e., a “lettered” program element appendix (PEA). Because NASA released PEAs lettered I through O prior to the issuance of Amendment number 17, these existing PEAs are not impacted by the Amendment 17 to the SALMON-3 Common AO body. PEAs released after the date of Amendment 17, however, will be subject to these changes unless otherwise specified in the PEA.


The full amended common SALMON-3 AO body text was released on October 22, 2019 and is available on the NSPIRES page for NNH17ZDA004. NASA made multiple changes that range from simple updates, e.g., a new point of contact for SALMON-3’s common AO body, formatting corrections, e.g., typos, etc., to complex matters related to requirements, sections and common appendices. Proposers should not rely on this email announcement of SALMON-3 AO Amendment 17, because it is not a complete or verbatim summary of the changes. Proposers must visit NSPIRES to download the SALMON-3 AO and read carefully.


In the event of future lapses to the NASA operations, proposers should visit NSPIRES, the official NASA source for the full SALMON-3, including all of its PEAs. NASA reserves the right not to make any additional awards or cancel this AO at any time. For the full text go to and search on “SALMON-3″ under open solicitations.


Please only address comments and questions via e-mail to (subject line to read “SALMON-3 AO”). Responses to inquiries will be given by e-mail and when appropriate posted to the SALMON-3 AO Questions and Answers (QAs) located at Anonymity of those who submit questions will be preserved.

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