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Agenda: ISS Independent Implementation Review Meeting on ISS Utilization

By SpaceRef Editor
October 10, 2001
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Editor’s Note: The following is an agenda for review being held at NASA JSC on 10 and 11 October 2001 called the “Independent Implementation Review”.

This meeting is dealing with the decrease in ISS research capabilities that resulted from FY 2003 budget guidance issued by the White House (OMB) earlier this year. That guidance included placing a hold on ISS crew at 3, deletion of a Hab module, and limited continued assembly of the ISS only to the point required to meet international obligations i.e. support for the Japanese, Canadian, and European facilities.

Draft IIR Agenda for Research Section


2:00-3:30 Introduction (b,h,n,s,w,x) Roe

Management Structure and Approach

Budget Cut by $1B (Program Direction)

  -Overview of Cuts

Code U Direction

General Strategy (Infrast. Vs. Research)

What’s In/What’s Out

  -Still Scoped to 7 Person Crew

  -Historical Trace of Racks on ISS

  -Code U to Provide Direction for 3 Person Crew

  -Forward Work Schedule to Get to 3 Person Crew

  -Barter Status and Forward Work

Budget Transfer to Code U Status

NGO Discussion

Planning in a Dynamic Program (question x)

Research Program Risks

3:30-4:15 We’re Doing Research Now (j, l, m) Bartoe

Increment 0-4 Overview

  -Show Investigation Names

  -Show investigator names (Question from last IIR)

  -Show how it has gone so far

  -Discuss difficulties/successes

  -Discuss how this may flow into future

    –Considerations of planning

  -Which experiments are uniquely enabled by ISS? Why?

4:15-5:00 Payload Integration Process Improvements (e) Scheib


Improvements in Last 12 Months

Compare with Shuttle


8:00-9:30 Assembly Sequence and Requirements Penley

Strategic Planning: Last PUP, Last MPOM

   -Reliance on Assembly Sequence

    –Rack Sites Available

    –Attached Sites Available

    –Assembly Sequence Status

    –Hab Options Effect on Availability

    –No Node 3 Option Effect on Availability (c)

    –Compare ISS to Spacelab (f,i)

    –Requirements and Utilization Metrics (d,p,v,y)

  -Resource Analysis

    –IP MOU Resource Allocations

    –PLUM Model


      —Requirements from Facilities

      —in flux, will change with budget

      —Show 7-Crew Results

      —Show 3-Crew Results

    –Crew Time (second part of b, second of v)

      —20 hours/week Fenced Resource

      —Russian Crew Time Purchase

      —Crew Time Tiger Team

      —EDO Analysis

      —Overlapping Soyuz Analysis

    –Other Fenced Resources


        —-Middeck Mods

        —-History of Meeting 5


      —Middeck Transport Power


      —Crew Training


Each Presentation Should Address (Where Applicable)

Content of New Program

  -What Got Cancelled or Deferred from Old Program

  -What Design and Technical Requirements are on Hardware

Basis of Estimate of New Program

  -Trace to Old Budget

  -EPs by Civil Service and Contractor


PI Trace by Year

Sparing Implementation (o,t)

Risks Induced By New Budget and How Mitigated (or Not)

Technology Development Impacts (g)

9:30-10:30   EXPRESS   Gilbert

10:30-11:45   POIC/POIF (last two in b,k,last of q,last of t,u)   Cissom/McNair

11:45-12:30   Lunch

12:30-1:00   Code S/Y/Sage III   Park

1:00-3:00   MRPO (UG and SPD)   Ramage

3:00-4:00   ARC (a)   Jahns

4:00-5:00   HLS   Stegemoeller

5:00-5:30   Code M   Williams

5:30-5:45   Wrap-Up   Roe

5:45   Adjourn

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