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Advanced Concepts (SNOTE)

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February 6, 2002
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POC Sherri Nosar, Contract Specialist, Phone 703-695-9107, Fax 703-697-7907, POP Not Applicable

The mission of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is to develop an integrated ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) to defend US deployed forces, allies, and friends from ballistic missile attack. As part of that effort, MDA will develop and test new technologies to provide early capability or improve the effectiveness of deployed capabilities to counter new threats. To investigate these new technologies, MDA has established an Advanced Concepts (AC) Deputate whose mission is to pursue and assess innovative concepts and develop algorithms to improve BMDS capability. MDA/AC has established a team of scientists and engineers from government, industry, and academia to advance the BMDS.

In an effort to expand this team, MDA/AC intends to award cooperative agreements with various universities to undertake research in the following broad areas: (1) Radar Systems, (2) Lasers and Electro-Optical Systems, (3) Mathematics and Computer Science, (4 )Electrical Engineering, (5) Physics and Chemistry, (6) Mathematical and Aerospace Engineering, and (7) Battle Management/Command and Control. For a more detailed description of these areas, please contact the point-of-contact listed below. In order to obtain access to researchers within these areas, MDA intends to award cooperative agreements with selected universities. These agreements will allow MDA to acquire research on an on-call basis through the issuance of Task Orders. MDA anticipates issuing orders totaling $2 million in fiscal year 2002, with individual orders ranging from approximately $100,000 to $250,000.

The award of a cooperative agreement does not guarantee receipt of a Task Order. Prior to issuing a Task Order, the MDA Grants Officer will issue a draft Task Order containing a Statement of Objectives, period of performance, and a description of deliverables. In response, the university will submit a Task/Program Plan, which will include the approach to accomplish the tasks, as well as a budgetary plan/estimate. MDA will review the Task Plan, and either award an Order or advise the university of required changes to the Task Plan. Once MDA and the university have agreed on the Task Plan, the final Order will be issued.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please respond to MDA with the following: (1) identify the specific areas of interest you wish to include in your cooperative agreement, (2) a brief synopsis (maximum of 2 pages each) of your capabilities and past research activities for each area of interest you have identified, and (3) identify the principal investigators by area of interest, as well as provide their resumes/credentials. MDA will evaluate these responses based upon the university demonstrating (1) its capability in the areas it selected, as shown through its past research and (2) the qualifications of its proposed principal investigators. Please provide your response by February 28, 2002. Responses may be submitted electronically (PDF or Word format) to Sherri Nosar, Contracts Specialist, at If you have any questions concerning this initiative, or need additional time to complete this request, please contact Ms. Nosar at (703) 695-9107.

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