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AC-139/TDRS-H Launch Advisory

By SpaceRef Editor
June 22, 2000
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Payload: TDRS-H
Tracking Data Relay Satellite launched for NASA
Separated mass: Approx. 3180 kg (7,011 lbs.)
Launch Vehicle: Atlas IIA, designated AC-139
Weight at liftoff: 189545 kg (417,894 lbs.), incl. payload
Fairing: 4.3 m (14 ft.) diameter aluminum
Launch Date: Thursday, June 29, 2000
Launch Window: 40 minutes
8:38 to 9:18 a.m. (EDT/USA)
12:38 to 13:18 (GMT)
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS), FL, USA
Launch Complex 36, Pad A
Customer: NASA
Satellite Manufacturer: Hughes Space and Communications
Launch Vehicle Manufacturer: Atlas and Centaur upper stage built by Lockheed Martin
Space Systems at its facilities in Denver, CO; San Diego,
CA; and Harlingen, TX, USA
Launch Services Provider: International Launch Services (ILS) – an international launch services provider based in Reston, VA, USA, formed by Lockheed Martin Corp., Khrunichev and Energia
Satellite Use: TDRS-H will become part of NASAºs Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System, providing communication links between the Space Shuttle (and other NASA low earth orbit spacecraft) and NASAºs Space Network ground station at White Sands, New Mexico.
Satellite Status: -Eighth satellite launched for NASA under commercial Atlas program
-120 NASA missions on Atlas overall since 1960s
-First of three planned TDRS launches through 2003
Mission Profile: Standard Atlas IIA ascent profile, two-burn Centaur mission to subsynchronous transfer orbit utilizing a minimum residual shutdown mission design (all Centaur propellants burned to depletion)
Spacecraft Separation: 29 minutes 55 seconds
Orbital Parameters:
(at Separation) Apogee Altitude: 30076 km (16,240 nm)
Perigee Altitude: 222 km (120 nm)
Inclination: 27.0 deg
Flight Azimuth: 95.4 deg
ILS Mission Stats: -Fifth Atlas mission this year
-Atlas IIA is 18 for 18 successful flights
Pre-launch Press Briefing: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 28
NASA KSC Press Site News Center
Remote Camera Set-up: 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 28
Assemble at KSC Press Site for NASA escort
Press Viewing: Accredited press covering the launch should meet at the CCAFS Pass and I.D. Center at 7:00 a.m. on June 29 for escort to Press Site 1 by 45th Space Wing Public Affairs.
Live Broadcast: Pre-launch briefing and launch will be broadcast on NASA TV Launch broadcast begins at 7:00 a.m. EDT, June 29 NASA TV: GE-2, Transponder 9C, C-band
Key Countdown Events: T-135: Tower rollback
T-105: 30-minute hold
T-91: Cryogenic tanking begins
T-14: Final weather briefing
T-5: 15-minute hold; resume countdown to lift-off
More Information: General Atlas information is available on the ILS web site at Launch status is available on the ILS U.S. domestic Launch Hotline at 1-800-852-4980.
ILS #00-19 Michelle Lyle 703-390-3073, Fax: 703-390-3162
Julie Andrews 619-645-6470, Fax: 619-645-6500 (ILS, San Diego)
Joan Underwood (LM Astronautics) 303-977-5364, Fax: 303-971-4902

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