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A Southern Hemisphere Launch Opportunity for Sounding Rocket Flights

By SpaceRef Editor
January 9, 2011
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The Sounding Rocket Program is planning to provide launches from Woomera, Australia, in the fall of calendar year 2014 and again in the spring of calendar year 2016, subject to the availability of funds. Investigators responding to the ROSES 10 Appendix B.4 (SHP) and D.3 (APRA) solicitations may propose sounding rocket flights launched from this southern hemisphere site for either opportunity. Normal payload recovery is anticipated for flights using either the Black Brant IX or Black Brant XI launch vehicles. Go to:

(select ‘Solicitations’ then ‘Open Solicitations’ then ‘NNH10ZDA001N’).

For more information on specifics of this new launch opportunity contact:

Philip Eberspeaker

For information on the Sounding Rocket Program within the Astrophysics
Division contact:

Wilt Sanders

SpaceRef staff editor.