Status Report

A personal challenge to all fellow NASA contractor and civil service employees

By SpaceRef Editor
November 17, 2003
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We are all presented with an opportunity to make a difference. The CAIB
report has been widely distributed and an Agency-wide process is being
utilized to garner our feedback. Multiple forums will be used for open
discussion and collection of our thoughts and ideas. I personally believe
that the most valuable input will be the hardest to obtain. There are those
of us who will be reluctant to voice our perspective for a multitude of
complex reasons.

For those who would hold back the time has come to do the opposite of what
instinct tells us. Participate in the process next week. Take a leap of
faith and let your voice be heard. Give our leadership a chance to
demonstrate the sincerity of their commitment. If they should fail, do not
let it be through our inaction. Don’t assume your input won’t matter.

Read the report and participate!

Linder Metts


SpaceRef staff editor.