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A Message from Dan Goldin to the Boston University Community (email)

By SpaceRef Editor
August 15, 2003
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Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 17:03:16 EDT



Subject: A Message from Dan Goldin

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I have accepted the
offer of the Board of Trustees to become president of Boston

When I was young, my father, an educator and a major force in my life,
told me that I should believe in myself and dare to follow my own
path. He adhered to that principle until the day I told him that I
wanted to be a scientist and engineer. Despite himself, he told me
that he was disappointed, not because of a particular objection to
science or engineering, but because I would not be pursuing what he
considered the noblest profession – teaching.

Since then, I have had interesting and satisfying jobs in the private
sector and in public service, but now I am privileged to have the
opportunity to fulfill my father’s dreams and join that noblest of
professions, education.

At NASA and throughout my professional life, I made education a
priority. I have always been energized by listening to the concerns
and aspirations of the many young people I have spoken with about
science and exploration over the years. It is not enough for us
merely to impart knowledge to young people; we must inspire them. If
our planet is to have the leaders, scholars and scientists it needs to
thrive, we must have young people who love wisdom, possess
intellectual curiosity and strive for achievement.

As the new president of this exceptional university, I have accepted a
great honor and a huge responsibility. In the coming school year, I
intend to listen, consult and learn from you. My ultimate goal is to
create a shared vision for Boston University that will take all of us
to new levels of knowledge and accomplishment.

SpaceRef staff editor.