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A Hot Saturn Planet Orbiting HD 88133, from the N2K Consortium

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September 6, 2004
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A Hot Saturn Planet Orbiting HD 88133, from the N2K Consortium

Astrophysics, abstract

From: Debra A. Fischer [view email]
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 08:21:04 GMT (91kb)

A Hot Saturn Planet Orbiting HD 88133, from the N2K Consortium

D. A. Fischer,
G. Laughlin,
R. P. Butler,
G. W. Marcy,
J. Johnson,
G. Henry,
J. Valenti,
S. S. Vogt,
M. Ammons,
S. Robinson,
G. Spear,
J. Strader,
P. Driscoll,
A. Fuller,
T. Johnson,
E. Manrao,
C. McCarthy,
M. Muñoz,
K. L. Tah,
J. Wright,
S. Ida,
B. Sato,
D. Minniti

The N2K consortium is carrying out a distributed observing campaign with the
Keck, Magellan and Subaru telescopes, as well as the automatic photometric
telescopes of Fairborn Observatory, in order to search for short-period gas
giant planets around metal-rich stars. We have established a reservoir of more
than 14,000 main sequence and subgiant stars, closer than 110 pc, brighter than
V=10.5 and with $0.4 < B-V < 1.2$. Because the fraction of stars with planets
is a sensitive function of stellar metallicity, a broadband photometric
calibration has been developed to identify a subset of 2000 stars with [Fe/H]
$> 0.1$ dex for this survey. We outline the strategy and report the detection
of a planet orbiting the metal-rich G5IV star HD 88133 with a period of 3.41
days, semi-velocity amplitude, K=35.7 mse and msini = 0.29 mjupe.
Photometric observations reveal that HD 88133 is constant on the 3.415-day
radial velocity period to a limit of 0.0005 mag. Despite a transit probability
of 15.6%, our photometry rules out the shallow transits predicted by the large
stellar radius.

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