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30 Dec Update on Beagle 2 Communications

By SpaceRef Editor
December 30, 2003
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09.30 GMT, 30 December 2003

The sixth attempt by NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter to communicate with
Beagle 2
was made this morning, but, as on previous occasions, no data were

The next Mars Odyssey communication opportunity will take place at
20.20 GMT
this evening. The results of this session will be announced on the
Beagle 2
and PPARC Web sites.

Other opportunities to communicate with Beagle 2, including
sessions with Mars Express, are listed on the Beagle 2 Web site.

The next Beagle 2 press briefing is scheduled to take place at the
Centre in Camden on Sunday 4 January. Details will be confirmed on the
Web sites
at a later date.

SpaceRef staff editor.