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2002 NASA LaRC Organizational Performance Survey

By SpaceRef Editor
November 24, 2003
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Introduction and Overview

This report contains the collective views of Langley Research Center (LaRC) employees from an
Organizational Performance Survey conducted in 2000 by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and in
2002 by IBM Business Consulting Services. As a result, this report highlights similarities and
differences in employee perceptions of “how LaRC is doing” over time.

The Purpose of Conducting the Organizational Performance Survey

The purpose of the 2002 LaRC Organizational Performance Survey is to provide an assessment of
how employees currently view LaRC and to demonstrate progress that has (or has not) been made
since the first LaRC Organizational Performance Survey conducted in 2000. More specifically, this
assessment process serves the following objectives:

  • Measure progress since 2000 toward achieving the LaRC Mission
  • Identify areas of strength to be reinforced
  • Target blocks and hindrances to achieving the LaRC Mission
  • Provide a measure of employees’ perceptions of such important organizational factors as Center leadership, satisfaction, and effectiveness

While many organizations conduct opinion surveys, few conduct surveys that focus on management
and the organization itself. Therefore, the repeated conduct of this survey demonstrates senior
management’s willingness and desire to improve working conditions and performance at LaRC.
More specifically, the results of this survey provide important information about what is going well
and what needs attention. In other words, the results identify strengths that should be reinforced
and other areas that should be improved or changed. The survey itself is not intended to provide
solutions, but rather serves as a catalyst in directing and focusing attention on those areas of
greatest potential for improving the organizational performance of LaRC.

Development and Conduct of the Organizational Performance Survey

A great deal of time and effort has been put into the development of the LaRC Organizational
Performance Surveys. This work began in 2000 in a joint effort between LaRC and IBM (at the
time, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP) where the survey was constructed and refined in a
collaborative process to ensure proper focus, wording and clarity of the survey. As a result of this
work, 130 items were selected for inclusion in the final questionnaire, along with a write-in
comments section. The items were arranged according to the Burke-Litwin Model.

In 2002, the LaRC Organizational Performance Survey was revised slightly resulting in the
lengthening of the survey from 130 to 134 questions (not including the background information
items). 95 percent (127 of 134) of the 2002 survey items were identical to questions first asked in
2000. The 2002 survey contained 5 new items and 2 modified items (one question from 2000 was
not asked in 2002).

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